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Italian Soulful Dishes

Ristorante Branciforte cooks Italian food the way it has to be done. Italian food has a rich cultural background that represents the Italian life. The chefs of Ristorante Branciforte know that they have to do it meticulously while preserving the essence of the cuisine, but at the same time, not overly limited by the rules of Italian cooking. Want a taste of Italy and a taste of skilful fusion? Visit Ristorante Branciforte and get the taste you are looking for. Our restaurant is open from Mondays to Sundays, from 10 am to 10 pm. Special discounts await early birds.

Palermo’s Pride “The Brick Oven Restaurant”

Since the establishment of Ristorante Branciforte, we have received enormous support from the locals. Even tourists came to visit us specifically to taste the Palermo’s pride dishes. Brick-oven is embedded in Italian cooking for generations. An Italian restaurant will not be authentic if they don’t know how to use brick-oven. Our pizzas and certain courses are cooked from the oven. Every dish that comes out from our brick oven has distinct flavors and smoky scent.

Wide Range Selections of Wine

Have a sophisticated evening. Ristorante Branciforte is ready with a wide range of selections of wine to keep you warm during the cold season. Asks our staffs for suggestions, and they sure to provide you with a sound recommendation.

Healthy and Delicious Meals

Italian dish is not just about captivating your sense of taste, the core principle of Italian dishes is to nourish our mind, soul, and the body. Bring your family and friends, and enjoy life to the fullest as we serve you healthy, delicious meals.

Reasonable Prices Every day

We believe that happiness cannot be measured by how much money you have. Our pricing is reasonable compared to our competitors. Here at Ristorante Branciforte, we offer great service, food, and ambience without the hefty price.

Branciforte’s Beautiful Atmosphere and Superior Service

As soon as our customers enter the restaurant, they ought to get nothing but superior service. We want them to feel free and relax at the restaurant. Our staffs underwent fine dining training to give the utmost service you deserve. While we serve you with a course of your choice, allow the beautiful, charming atmosphere elevate the whole dining experience. Our restaurant has been known for providing superior service and delicious, fresh meals. Our commitment to your satisfaction will always be part of our core principles.

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Giovanni and Julia Bianchi

Ristorante Branciforte is inspired by Italian culture that surrounds in divine relationships and richness of life. My husband Giovanni and I quit our jobs and went on this journey that changed the course of our lives. We built Ristorante Branciforte that represents Italy and the goodness of its food.