Serving Freshest Italian Dishes Daily

If you like Italian food with a great selection of wines to choose from, Ristorante Branciforte is the best place to be. Try our full-bar beer and wine entrees and get voucher codes for a meal of your choice.


Italian’s pasta has a simple way of cooking, but it comes with a few rules. Our pasta is made by us on the day it will be served. Every strand is cut by our skilled cook. And every entree is cooked and plated by our talented chefs. From the pasta to sauces, all are made of fresh ingredients.

lasagna, risotto con Pollo, linguini vegetali, Branciforte’s special spaghetti, seafood ravioli, spinach cannelloni


Ristorante Branciforte is best known for its brick-oven pizzas. Choose your toppings from cheese, vegetables, meat, and spices. You also have a say to the thickness of the crust. Don’t forget to ask our staff for a glass of wine to complete the meal. Create your own pizza or select from our mouth-watering menu.

Fiorentina, luisa, milano, vegitali (for vegetarians), bruschetta, ronaldo, margherita, all-cheese pizza, and pepperoni

Appetizers and Salads

If you want a lighter snack or want to warm up your mood for eating, try our appetizers and salads. Our customers may choose between serving sizes.

Calamari sicillian, funghi firenze, fresh mussels, seafood trio, grilled vegetables, mista salad, fresca salad, antipasto, and caesar salad

Grilled Dishes

Try our best-selling grilled dishes. They are meticulously spiced and oven-cooked to bring you smoky grilled flavour. Tip: most of our customers order grilled dishes and top them to their all-cheese pizza.

Toscano, vegetable delight, Sicilian, lamb, chicken, shrimp, and beef


After a heavy meal, have a dessert of your choice. Our desserts are not too sweet but will ultimately satisfy your cravings for sweets. We also use no-calorie sweetener, so you can have no guilt on every bite.

Cannoli, gelato, triple chocolate cake, tiramisu, coffee cake