Essential Spices of Italian Cuisine



Italian cuisine is simple yet it is full of flavor that can make anyone smile upon tasting. Going for an Italian dish is a good choice if you are looking for healthy yet tasty dishes to serve to your family. Make sure to complete these essential spices because Italian dishes won’t be complete without them.

Basil Leaves

basilBasil is the top herb because it is the most common in Italian dishes. Basil leaves can be used fresh or dried depending on the type of dish. It is the main ingredient for pesto pasta and salad. Pound a handful of basil leaves, mix them with olive oil, and pine nuts, you can already create a pesto cream. Add dried basil into soups and pasta, and transform these simple recipes to Italians favorite recipes. Basil leaves are easy to plant as well. Just grab branches and plant them, they will grow faster than you think. And they will not only make your garden fragrant but will also supply you with basil leaves for your cooking needs.


oreganoAncient people use oregano as medicine. Italians love herbs because they add additional flavor to their food while feeding their bodies with antioxidants and natural minerals. Italians mainly use oregano for tomato-based recipes. They prefer to use oregano when dried than fresh because it has pungent and strong, spicy flavor when used fresh. If you don’t like drying your own oregano, shop online using discounts and store them in an air-tight jar. You could not go wrong in using oregano for the Sicilian recipe.


rosemaryAnother common herb that Italians use almost every day is rosemary. It has a relaxing scent and has a peppery, woody flavor. Italians love to use rosemary in roasting meats. It helps the meat to lose the slimy fluid during roasting while preserving the flavor. Aside from cooking, Italians use rosemary in their cosmetics and perfumes. If you love the scent, buy rosemary oil from online stores that have coupon codes on products. All you need is an aroma burner, and give your house a smell of Italy.