Italian’s Mystifying Food Customs

Italians love to eat, but they also pay attention to what they are eating and what time a dish should be eaten. If you have no clue what these food customs are, we are giving you a detailed list.


Don’t Drink Cappucino Unless It’s For Breakfast

coffeeMost people would drink coffee after a heavy meal, but for Italians, it’s a no-no. Cappucino has milky bubbles which may cause bloating and discomfort after a heavy meal. Most Italians believe that good food should be digested well without the discomfort. They hate stomach pain and digestive issues, so they’ll avoid them at all cost. Don’t wonder why the server will have a raised eyebrow if you ordered a cappuccino. He is just worried about your digestion.

Italian Secrets to Their “Bella Forma” – No Bread and Pasta in One Meal

Italians eat pasta once a day, especially during lunch. They’ll go for a lighter meal at dinner because they are less active. Their secret for maintaining their “Bella Forma” is eating carbs in a controlled manner. So eating pasta and bread in one meal is violating the one pasta a day rule. Italians are serious about this. They have books discussing food choices with promo codes. Go for fresh salads and grilled fish if you are serious in achieving your “Bella Forma”.

Never Drink a Cold Beverage Too Quickly

cold drinkOne thing you notice when you visit an authentic Italian restaurant is the servers don’t serve a drink with ice in them. You will have to score for an ice. Normally, alcoholic beverages are chilled but never ice cold. Italians believe that cold stops the heart, and the undesirable effects of drinking cold beverages is heightened during the cold season. Italians can buy wine from online shops and drink it without having chilled.

Never Expose Your Belly While Eating

If you like those tank tops, you might cause some eyebrows to raise if you eat in Italy with those. Italians believe that covering our belly while eating ensures proper digestion. There is no scientific proof to this, but for Italians, they rather follow it than having bad digestion.