Let’s Get Tipsy, The Italian Style

Italians know their drinks. Whether drinking an alcoholic beverage for socialization or just for enjoyment, Italians will always have a drink for any occasion.


The Concept of Aperitivo

Aperitivo prepares our stomach and sense before a sumptuous meal, so we can enjoy the meal better. Aperitivo may vary depending on the restaurant you are dining in. For some, it’s wine while for most, it’s cocktail. Italian drinking culture suggests doing aperitivo between 7 to 9 pm or when we are supposed to be less active. Order some finger food together with friends, and you are already doing aperitivo the way Italians will hold it. Are you torn which drink to order? Below is the list of Italian’s common aperitivo drink.

Proseccodark wine

Prosecco is almost similar to sparkling wine. It’s a refreshing drink to start your meal because it has a subtle taste, crisp, and it bubbles making it ideal for aperitivo sessions. If you want to taste the highest quality Prosecco, look for Prosecco Superiore. Some restaurants are offering a discount if you buy the whole bottle. Compared to wine, it has lesser alcohol content. You’ll probably need to drink the whole bottle to get tipsy from drinking it.

Italian Wine (dark, aged)

Italians love to have their wine strong, bold, and aged. Italy’s best wine-producing regions such as Tuscany, Piedmont, Veneto, Marche and Abruzzo, Lombardy and Sicily offer different wine selections that best describes terrain of their area. If you like wine, Italy will not disappoint. It’s probably the most common alcoholic drink that any Italian restaurants will offer you.

Aperol Spritzcocktail

Aperol Spritz is a drink composed of Prosecco water and Aperol. Aperol is bitter as it contains bitter orange, rhubarb and herbs, yet it also has a touch of sweetness. But to balance the bitterness of Aperol, Italians mix a good portion of Prosecco. Italians love this drink to the core. Don’t wonder why this drink is always present on special occasions. You can make this drink at home, but if you want to save money on electronics, just get a concentrated form of Aperol from a liquor store and mix it with any sparkling wine.